assalamualaikum everyone..these are the photos taken by myself when me and my brother plus my three friends had a day out together at one one mall in moscow city,which we call it universitet...i am too sleepy to write any till here..spasiba..
so how to say,it was awesome!really it is...but yeah,we had our leg cramp..of course la,from this mall,jump to another mall which took us 1 hour to reach there...cant you imagine how tired it was...brrrr!! kbye!!wassalamualaikum..:)

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Ardilla Noorezan said...

Amboiiii naimah dah besar dah :') hehehehe. Abang kau study sana ke?

dr muhaya jr. said...

haah,kitorang study skali kat sini...abang aku second year skrg ni :)

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