when the login button is pressed,i could see several notifications there.and one of that really made me sad,no im not sad.but i could sense something not good in me.the person is moving out.and i dont even have the chance of getting to know the person closer.because we are still new here and everyone seems so awkward to have a long talk with each other.ya Allah,i always want to get closer to kind people,but i never realized that we can still be good even though we dont befriend with them.just take them as good example.thats it.easy.as abc.thanks a lot to my beloved beautiful gorgeous friend,atiqah samuri for telling me this.to the person,im going to say byebye to you.earlier than everyone though you still dont know whether youre going or not.just like what your friends have told you,try to find the goodness of the world ,and also the hereafter.and i pray to Allah always,so that you will always be in good condition.and please do pray for me so that i will always be in the rightest path.Allah's path.the path to the heaven.sadly to say,have a nice journey.assalamualaikum...ilalliqo'..

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